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Development strategy

Development strategy
With continuous adjustment of economic system and generation of emerging industry, the instrument industry closely related to internet, smart power grid, and high-end equipment manufacturing industry has changed with each passing day.
As a member in the instrument and meter industry, Liaoyang Instrument Group has formulated the following development strategy through closely following tide of the information era:
(I) Product strategy
Production philosophy: Liaoyang Instrument Group follows the call of “low carbon, green, and environmental protection”, develops to the direction of energy saving, cost reduction, emission reduction, and low carbon, and combines low-carbon and environmental-protection concept and enterprise’s product design and technologies. Features of instruments and meters: high technology, high input, high output, low energy consumption, low material consumption, and low pollution. The enterprise makes full use of instruments’ advantages to provide green, environmental-protection, and healthy instruments and meters for customers.
Production technology: our company pays much attention to renewing and perfecting technologies, so as to realize self realization and product upgrading. We concerns the latest trends for the development of instrument industry at home and abroad, strengths staffs’ learning, imports new instrument technologies continuously, enlarges production strength, increases scientific and technological contents of production technology, and improves product quality comprehensively, so as to meet customers’ demands.
(II) Talent strategies
In today with rapid development of knowledge and information, numerous industries have developed to intelligence, so has to instrument industry. Products of Liaoyang Instrument Group is drawing close to smart power grids and internet, gathering high and new-tech talents during the development.
Aiming at newly graduated talents: the enterprise assigns new talents to receive training, learning, and technical discussion to relevant enterprise groups, to cultivate more professional talents; therefore, they can make contributions to the development of instrument cause, so as to promote development of instrument cause
Aiming at talent management: in talent using, the company has built a complete set of reward and punishment mechanism, namely “retain staffs with cause, emotion, and policy”; the company shall try its best to solve their worries, care them in life, and create a respectful, harmonious, and progressive environment for them; let staffs join in enterprise management, give full play to employees’ intelligence and wisdom, arouse the enthusiasm, and implement self management; open channels widely, encourage staffs to contribute ideas and exert efforts for company development. In addition, the company will reward staffs for contributions which are in favor of company development and expansion and improving company’s economic benefits.
(III) Target strategy
In order to let our company become a famous enterprise in domestic instrument industry, our company has formulated a five-year plan for enterprise development. Open up much wider market space for our company’s intelligent instruments in the first year; increase sales of our instruments by 7% in the second year; realize the long-term objective of breaking through one million of output in the third year; create our enterprise into a pioneer in domestic instrument manufacturing industry in the last two years. Strive to be the leading enterprise in the instrument industry and make contributions to perfecting national economic system and to improving the country’s comprehensive economic strength.


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