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Service assurance

Guarantee on after-sale services
Guarantee on after-sale technologies and services: provide perfect services with trustable after-sale technologies
Organization guarantee
Liaoyang Automation Instrument Group Co., Ltd has had customer information feedback office, built strict information feedback system, possessed a professional after-sale technology and service team, tracked and understood feedbacks of customers to operation conditions of instruments, and established customers’ information files.
Time guarantee
After receiving customers’ notification, staffs of our company will answer them by phone or fax within several hours. And at the same time, staffs will rush to the site in a short time.
Service guarantee
Within the warranty period, if products can not be used normally, under normal storage, transportation, maintenance, installation, and application, because of products’ manufacturing quality, our company will assign professionals to rush to the site to provide technical services for free.
Maintenance of instruments damaged for arbitrary disassemble, improper handling, and natural disasters (such as lighting stokes) shall be paid (low payment). If necessary, our company will assign people to serve on the spot.
Customers shall install and use instruments correctly, so as to avoid breakdowns that should not happen.

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